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No.1 Ladies' Detective Agency
The real home of Mma Ramotswe can be found at Alexander McCall Smith's homepage, along with all his other characters!

Read about the Complete Guide to Literary Africa with this extensive review by The Independent newspaper.

Interested in the filming? Read all about the film and new HBO and BBC TV series on Wikipedia, with constant updates and episode information.

Join the No.1 Ladies' Detective Agency fan club at NOLDA to have your say!

Or, if you fequent the virtual world of Facebook and are wondering to yourself, what would Mma Ramotswe do? you may find the answer here!

European fans can visit Series Junkies for European language updates on the programme.

You can support Mokolodi Nature Reserve where Mma Ramotswe likes to go to get away from the city, home to the McCall Smith Rest Camp and new Reptile Park.

Disabled Access
A comprehensive listing of global operators catering for Disabled Travellers can be found here.

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Botswana Tourism

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