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Safari in style
Until recently we custom built all our own safari vehicles to suit our specific needs; With the addition of 'Larry' to our fleet this all changed.

We use Land Rover vehicles and have almost finished converting our entire fleet over to diesel power. This is much more safe and economical and reduces our carbon footprint enormously.

Our new addition, 'Larry the Limo' is busy around Gaborone with our day tours, film work and occasional forays into the bush.

Our newest own-built vehicle and the darling of our fleet, Lara. Another Land Rover Defender 130 base vehicle, much modified. Lara sports individual reclining seats, seat belts throughout and unparalleled views. Driver + 10 passengers. Status: Working very hard.

Until a few years ago our main workhorse was this rather more modified Land Rover Defender 130. The coachwork here is teak and rosewood, and in addition to the half doors, this vehicle sports a removable roof. Driver + 7 passengers. Status: Sold to Superlative Tours.

Our first safari truck was a rugged and trusty Defender 110. This had minimal work done on it to make it safari ready; half doors topped with Meranti and removable weather screens. Driver + 4 passengers. Status: Retired (sold)

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