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Responsible Tourism
We aim to provide ethical and sustainable services to our guests.

This means both making people aware of cultural sensitivities, as well as the more obvious environmental impact of treading in this fragile environment.

We do not see ourselves as just an eco-tour operator - this description is somewhat limiting. We prefer to describe ourselves as a Responsible Tourism operator by being aware of, among other things, our carbon footprint and mitigating this impact in measurable ways.

Carbon Footprint Defined
Carbon footprint is a measure of the impact human activities have on the environment
in terms of the amount of green house gases produced,
measured in units of carbon dioxide.

Africa Insight is a family owned and operated business. Meet some of the team.

Tim Race

Tim heads up our operations in Botswana. Tim was born and brought up in Southern Africa and after completing his higher education in Britain, he returned to Botswana to establish Africa Insight. He has been active in promoting Botswana tourism internationally and in particular with putting Gaborone on the tourist map.

Recently Tim has assisted a parliamentary sub-committee looking into the future of tourism in Botswana.

Timís knowledge of local customs, social issues and environmental concerns has made Africa Insight the No.1 partner for international media visiting Botswana.

Christopher Race, FRGS

Christopher is Africa Insight's chairman. He was born and raised in Zimbabwe and has life long experience of the ecology, wildlife and wilderness areas of Southern Africa.
He speaks several African languages and has travelled the sub-continent extensively. He has been leading expeditions into Africa for over forty years. Christopher is a Fellow of the Royal Geographical Society, London.
- Expeditions for Life
On one of his first expeditions, Christopher canoed the entire length of the Zambezi River - from source to mouth - in the days when canvas and wood Klepper canoes were state-of-the-art.

- Positive Leadership
Christopher was engaged in Malawi's peaceful transition to democracy in the middle 1990's as a UN observer to both the referendum and the nationís first democratic elections.

Brian LeRoux

Someone has to do the boring stuff and Brian keeps us legal and liquid. Accounts, tax returns and bills are his department.

Office Intern (June 2015)

We are joined this month by Tourism Management graduate Orefile Bareki who will be with in the office . She joined us last year for a 4 month work experience programme from Botswana Accountancy College and she is back with a smile to answer all your queries.

She will be assisting with bookings and office administration.

Paul keeps our growing vehicle fleet on the road and regularly serviced, while his staff are responsible for the safari equipment. He ensures that everything is ship shape, that safari departures are suitably equipped and packed and all gear is cleaned and maintained on return.


Jinx (pictured) and her sister Voodoo keep us all safe and secure back at home base. Named for Bond-girl Jinx Johnson (Halle Berry) from Die Another Day, Jinx has unfortunately been true to her namesake and has suffered multiple injuries from Puff Adders, Porcupines and other critters keen on trespassing.

Nov 2010: RIP Voodoo and Rex, killed in the line of duty while successfully protecting us from a black mamba.

Jun 2014: The torch is now carried by newest Bond-girl Kara who takes her responsibilities very seriously (when she's not asleep).

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