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Luxury Travel Guide Global Award (February 2016)
Another award? We're pleased to have been shortlisted for the LTG global Award in the Holiday and Tour Specialist Award Category.

These awards are from nominations from the travelling public so we are very happy that all our efforts are appreciated and acknowledged in this way.

International Arch of Europe (April 2014)

We were very pleased to find that we had been nominated for the International Arch of Europe Award (gold category) this year, for "leadership and innovation" in the field of tourism.

The award ceremony, held in Frankfurt, Germany, saw a host of large corporations and smaller companies like ours being honoured with awards.

We will hopefully have our award on display in our office soon!

Google Street View (January 2013)

Thank you to those who brought this to our attention and who sent the pictures to us. You can view these here.

Google Street View

Here is the full text of Tim's response to the LA Times:
Response to the many internet queries that show the Google streetview car allegedly hitting a donkey in Botswana, by Africa Insight.

For readers who are not aware, vehicles drive on the left side of the road in
Botswana - the opposite to the US - so the sequence of images need to be viewed
in the correct orientation.

In the sequence involving the donkey, the series of frames starts with a view of
our vehicle, a Land Rover Defender towing a covered trailer, approaching the
Google car from the opposite direction. It is quite clear that, as our vehicle
approaches, it passes the donkey which is standing in the road ahead of the
Google car, effectively blocking the Google car's path.
After our Land Rover passed the donkey we approach and pass the Google car
and the donkey can be seen through our dust firstly standing and then rolling in the
road. If you look carefully there is even a frame where the donkey has it's head up
before resuming it's sand bath.
As our dust clears the Google car approaches the rolling donkey and comes to a
stop which is when the confusing image was recorded. The donkey then walks
away very much alive.

Donkeys are a frequent danger on rural roads in Botswana and it is absolutely
impossible that the Google car hit this donkey - the car would have been a
complete write-off and the sequence of subsequent images would have been
very different!

Donkeys are not the only danger on rural roads in Botswana and this is the best
place in the world to see African wildlife in its natural habitat. Rural roads pass
through this habitat and animals like elephants and lions are then the danger. The
group pictured in our vehicle were returning from an amazing 'Predator Weekend'
in the Kalahari Desert and the donkey on the road was the least dangerous animal
that they had encountered!

All credit to Google for bringing the world into peoples homes - with any luck they
will capture rather more exciting images than a donkey taking a sandbath on a
dusty Botswana road before they leave. (July 2012)

Live this weekend on are 5 top destinations for crime fiction lovers, including Gaborone, Botswana, thanks to our No.1 Ladies' Detective Agency Tours based on the best selling books by Alexander McCall Smith.

Read Leslie Gilbert Elman's reviews for here

Aftonbladet, Sweden (December 2011 / January 2012)

We were joined recently by well known Swedish motoring reporter Robert Collin who was testing the latest Land Rover Defender 110 model. He and his family joined two of our most popular tours and and got to try out two more special Land Rovers - our teak bodied safari 130 and our very special Defender 147 limo - one of only 10 ever made by Land Rover.

Indwe, SA Express Airways In-Flight Magazine (August 2011)

We are pleased to once again have our tours featured in an international in-flight magazine, this time entertaining passengers on South African Express Airways during the month of August.

Have a quick read and if you're flying in to Botswana, why not give us a call and join one of Gaborone's most popular tours.

Guardian Newspaper, UK (December 2010)

We hosted Ian Belcher from the London based Guardian newspaper earlier this year as he toured Gaborone for his story on the No1 Ladies' Opera House. He enjoyed his tour with us, so why not give it a try too, or join one of our safari tours to the Kalahari and beyond.

Read what the Guardian has to say. (September 2010)

Shona Black, contributing writer to web portal joined one of our tours recently. This is what she had to say -- "Intrigued by Africa Insight's No 1 Ladies Detective Agency literary tour, I headed for Gaborone. My experience of Botswana was enormously enhanced by a few days' stay in the small capital city, it is a must-see destination..."

Read more of Shona's story here

Kodin (March 2010)

We were hosts once again of journalists from Finland at the very end of 2009, and their article is now published in Kodin, one of Finland's leading lifestyle magazines.

Our leading produts, No.1 Ladies' Detective Agency Tours and Predator Weekend tours were sampled with much enthusiasm.

Stop by our office for a quick read - translation service not provided!

Conservation International (March 2010)

We were very pleased to partner with Conservation
International this month, providing basecamp and logistical support for there field trips preceeding their Western Kalahari Conservation Corridor Conference held in Kang, Botswana.

Dignitaries included French Embassy officials and the respected author and cartographer Veronica Roodt.

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